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Pink paper roses gift, origami flower bouquet

Pink paper roses gift, origami flower bouquet

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Here's an extra special gift: a bouquet of hot pink origami paper roses, completely unique and handcrafted with love! They're a long lasting alternative to fresh flowers which makes them an excellent eco friendly gift. They never wilt or die, they require minimal care  and you're avoiding the huge carbon footprint associated with the importation of fresh flowers = big bonus points to you!

I fold each rose from an individual square of recycled paper then attach it to a long stem, then I add a green origami calyx underneath the flower.
Height: 30cm
Diameter: 20cm
Size might vary a little because every rose is handmade.

An ideal present for your Mum on Mother's Day or to say a big thanks to your BFF! They are brilliant for a 1st wedding anniversary gift too as the traditional material is paper.

If you would like your roses in a different colour, or you'd prefer a larger or smaller bouquet, please get in touch so we can arrange a custom order for you.

I offer a bespoke service for wedding flowers, so let me know your ideas.
Made to order and shipped from the UK around the world.

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