Hi I'm Amanda

Mum of two boys and a cat, I live in Nottingham next to a beautiful park. I'm an origami enthusiast, nature lover, gardener, wild swimmer, rainbow seeker... I find inspiration all around me!

Welcome and thank you for being here

Proud to be an eco friendly and vegan family business

I aim to be environmentally friendly in all aspects of life and that includes Origami Blooms.

Back in 2015/2016, the more I learned about the fresh flower industry with regard to water consumption, the impact on land and the huge carbon footprint of flower imports/exports, the more eager I became to give a viable alternative for eco conscious flower lovers. I developed the business from my love of origami, especially flowers, and the big benefits that paper flowers are both beautiful and super long-lasting.

I make all your blooms from 100% recycled paper and any other paper is FSC certified sustainable. I often send orders in bubble wrap and cardboard boxes we have received at our family home (as long as the boxes are sturdy enough to provide protection) and I encourage you to reuse and/or recycle any packaging I send to you too!

In 2021 Origami Blooms joined Ecologi. It is a subscription service which offsets carbon emissions and plants trees as a way to improve our world. You can see the impact we've had so far here: Ecologi